Monetization of Bank paper and securities:

Non recourse loan offer @ 20%+ LTV against Ven Bonds and LTN's. Must be posted to a custodial account, screened on Euroclear, same procedures as investment grade securities above - All 22 EC pages are required. Client must have complete, up to date package and prove all taxes are paid to date.

Non capital depletion capital raise for suitably qualified projects. This is undertaken in a fully licensed, regulated environment with zero exposure and with development principal retaining the capital position on their balance sheet at at all times, no  debt service and capital remains intact at term.  Can be used to fund any mega project 100M+, sovereign, P3, Aviation or shipping acquisition etc.


Requires complete CIS/PP or KYC package direct from applicant no more than 3 days old. Must include a fresh POF and an ATV. Corporate resolution / LOE etc. required for corporate funds. Template available on application.


"Junk" Bonds

Account Surrender Closing for Heritage and restricted accounts: Off balance sheet, oil and gas etc.

30% of face for heritage and 65% of face for restricted. MUST BE CONTROLLING ACCOUNT SIGNATORY / NO MANDATES / POA

Requires full CIS / PP / POF with ATV - (Template supplied on application) Invitation letter offered after initial DD

Purchase of certain investment grade securities via a licensed, regulated entity.

Seasoned MTN's issued by top banks

Specifically Medium Term Notes, Corporate & Government Bonds, and Certificates of Deposit at pricing ranging from 40-90%+. Rated, traded and with coupon

Monetize and buy / sell program for top rated bank, owned, cash backed instruments and securities. BG's, SBLC's, CD's, MTN's and cash accounts - Min 100M $/€

Restricted Funds Programs:


Requires very detailed submission and full disclosure, contact us for specific details

Esoteric Assets:


Capital Enhancement Programs:

Provision of an irrevocable collateral guarantee via a top tier bank BG (SC, HSBC, Barclay's, DB or CS) for major project funding for suitably qualified projects. Infrastructural, socioeconomic, alternative energy (non government subsidized) and R.E. development projects. Min $100M - $1B.

Collateral Guarantee:

Capital Raising:

Full legal and ownership package, prospectus KYC / CIS / PP Procedures vary based on asset with multiple parameters, but will entirely transparent desk to desk / bank to bank

Investment program undertaken by licensed, regulated, audited entity based in London. Client receives quarterly audited statements from PWC.


Recourse loan against esoteric assets, fine art, gemstones (polished and rough) Precious metals, specialty metals (nickel wire) and other high value items. LTV is 50 - 75% of liquidation value from our appraiser


Full CIS / PP / board resolution if corporate & completed application forms (sent on request)


Recourse and Non recourse loan against BG's, SBLC's, CD's, MTN's etc. Must be owned, cash backed. NO LEASED PAPER!

Requires KYC/PP asset confirmed via SWIFT MT 799/799/760 Programs vary by asset, bank rating, timing, jurisdiction and available slots and capacity. Apply for specifics.

Small Cap programs